FreeStore is an app in development. The purpose of FreeStore is to offer part-time freelancers and students a place to manage their expenses and earnings.

Role - UX/UI Research and Development
Technology - React, Sketch, Adobe XD


This project is a work in progress. Presently, the UX/UI architecture has been worked out, and a couple prototypes have been built, however it is not at the stage of production yet.


FreeStore (working title) is a web-based application that allows users to create ledger entries based on earnings from their freelance gigs. The user can store data about each project and export invoices.


This service solves the following pain: scrambling for earnings reports come tax time.


Provide an application that allows users to track earnings, so when it comes tax time, it’s as simple as exporting data.

Interaction Diagram

Interaction diagram for an app

User Testing/Prototype

If you’d like to check out the working prototype click here.